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winx musa

What are the ingredients to turn any normal night into a super funny party? Music, lots of fun! Trust. Hier ist Musas Song in Deutsch. Viel Spaß =) Lyrics: hohohohoh uuuuuu uooooooh Dieses Bild von dir. Musica, amiche e tanto divertimento! Parola di Musa! Guardate questo video e scendete in pista a. Eine Pyjama Party mit meinen Freundinnen ist immer lustig Magical Adventure Winx Club: After that, the Winx and her travel to Linphea and battle the Treants and the Flying Basilisks. Realizing that the Talent Thief may have struck, the Winx focus all of their attention on trying to find Annabelle, which leads to a rather embarrassing experience for Musa in " New Powers. At Alfea, Stella goes to a museum room in Alfea to get some inspiration for her fashion designs. winx musa Musa Season 1 In season one , Musa appeared to have a cheerful and witty nature. While they were looking for the source, knowing that they have gotten so far, she tells Stella that they should not stop. In the fifteenth episode , the Winx were in the virtual chamber, swimming through an ocean setting trying to locate the Circle Reef. Winx Club Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Skip to main content. She then has one final heart-to-heart with Madelyn before she and the Winx leave for their next destination, Santa Monica , and this time, it is under Lorelei's orders. Instagram YouTube Facebook Folge uns auf. She sheds her red boots and wears sandals that are bright yellow and blue. Musa then notices shadowy figures coming towards them and, later, she and the Winx are forced out of the dreary world after an unsuccessful attempt at getting Annabelle back into their world. Die zwei sind eigentlich immer am Streiten. Musa's Harmonix consists of a tube top with red-violet color and pale blue borders. Wow, did I just say that? Thankfully, they are successful in defeating the shadows and keeping Nadine safe but, because they had left the camera-drones behind, they are forced into a talent show Ace had put together as payback. Later she mädchen top seen with the others in their room when they are discussing how to defeat Tritannus Musa says "But how, they the Mutants attack whenever Tritannus commands". Her hair is longer and shaped like a mermaid's tail and it is tied with a flower on the bottom, a flower on the top and a shell headband across her forehead. Klassischer Editor Versionen Live action games online 0. Ich hoffe aus den beiden wir eines Tages wieder etwas:

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